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Use Our Tools to Remodel Your Classroom Landscape

Tools and information from the On-Grade Institute are easy to use and apply. Start with your own materials and remodel on your own schedule as a DIY project with power tools and peer support. Or, make use of teacher's shared materials organized by knowledge and skill content to accelerate your classroom remodel. Your remodeled classroom will save you time and improve student learning.

Too much information that is far less than concise and complete complicates a teacher’s job and muddles the transmission of standards into student learning. What’s missing within this education process are defined standards-derived knowledge and skills, aka competencies - education’s common denominator.

The Institute's cloud-based A·B·D system provides all of a teacher’s needs in today’s standards-driven education environment in four key areas. It's built around a repository of standards-derived knowledge and skills, defined by educators for educators. And, it's all combined with integrated communications and professional networking, 

Use Our Tools to Define Content, Build Aligned Curriculum, and Track & Manage Student Learning


Use Our Information Libraries to Store, Share & Discover Aligned Curriculum


Use Our Professional Networking for Peer Support & Sharing Best Practices