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“An investment in education always pays the best interest” 
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About the On-Grade Institute

The Institute is a 501(c)(3) [pending] organization, established to advance the development and implementation of the On-Grade Student Achievement Model. The Model represents a return to basics, with established definitive learning objectives, but with modern tools for tracking student progress and systemic process management technology. The On-Grade Model provides an unprecedented opportunity for all our students to achieve gap-free, on-grade learning and improved results.

The Institute believes that every student can graduate from high school prepared to succeed in life and that real, sustainable improvements in student achievement will happen with the application of on-grade teaching and learning.

The On-Grade Model was developed to solve systemic student achievement problems. It was created by a diverse team of education leaders, teachers, engineers, software designers and other professionals. They all share a commitment to develop a practical, low-cost and easily scalable solution to the systemic teaching and learning problems inhibiting U.S. student learning. It is the result of an in-depth, multi-year investigation and analysis of classroom and system performance challenges.

Products & Services Coming Soon

We are working hard to assemble funding that will take the Institute to an operational level. Please return often to this page for updates on the availability of our products and services. If you want to stay informed, send us an email and we will add you to our mailing list.

Products (coming soon)

  • The A·B·D Process Management System with tools and information for teachers
  • The On-Grade Student Achievement Model with detailed description and implementation plans
  • The On-Grade Maturity Model containing detailed specifications, audit procedures and scoring rubric
  • Training materials, guides and user manuals for the On-Grade Student Achievement Model and the On-Grade Maturity Model

Services (coming soon)

  • Training for the On-Grade Student Achievement Model and the On-Grade Maturity Model
  • Professional services for planning, implementing and supporting On-Grade implementation practices
  • On-Grade operations practices and Maturity Model services, including independent review, and validation of reviews
  • Student achievement baseline comparisons
  • Alignment services, including delivery of complete on-line analytical processing (OLAP) models
  • Case studies