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“To expect students to meet high standards, systemic changes must occur,” 
Randi Weingarten, American
Federation of Teachers






Our Goal, Breakout From the Achievement Plateau

After more than 30 years of top-down national reforms and huge expenditures, U.S. education system success remains low, with very slow improvement. Our mission is to provide the tools and information teachers need to create a breakout improvement based on sound engineering and process management practices. Our mission is to empower teachers with tools and information systems that support achieving the goals of the best education systems.

The only difference between today's 40-43% College & Career Readiness and the Institute's goal of 80-90% is the number of student learning gaps in core content. The dynamic of learning gaps is their complicity in creating new gaps when they are part of a cohesive learning sequence and stand in the way of new learning. Keeping learning gaps in check maintains forward learning progress. It sounds simple, but it takes tools and information to complete the alignment circle from standards through to student learning, and then track and manage the learning process. That's what the Institute offers.