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School Implementations ⇒ Integrated System Benefits

Whole school implementations of the On-Grade system have all the benefits of individual classroom use plus the benefits of integration. With integration, learning objectives can be aligned across and between grades. School teams can jointly design curriculum. And teams can reflect and adjust curriculum for practice improvement.

The On-Grade Model with its A·B·D system is designed for both independent teacher usage and whole school usage. Whole school implementation could be as simple as providing each teacher with a subscription, or as sophisticated as using the tools for team development of cohesive curriculum between and across grades.

In On-Grade schools, information is easily shared across the whole school. Teachers still have their private library working areas and can separately form groups for collaboration and sharing, but the school becomes a natural group in which everyone has membership. This whole-school sharing facilitates communication across the school and encourages collaborative team efforts. The Model is designed to support the evolution of unified processes needed to achieve optimal levels of operation.

Principals in an On-Grade School

On-Grade principals are instructional leaders who are focused on student learning. They are actively and collaboratively involved with teaching and learning. Core duties include:

Principals easily access real-time, actionable data to increase school effectiveness and help make continuous process improvement a reality. The Institute's tools allow Principals to plan using individualized student and rolled-up student, class, and school performance data.

Administrators in an On-Grade District

On-Grade district leaders have a substantial effect on student achievement. They are committed, informed, collaborative and empowered instructional leaders who are deeply involved with the teaching and learning processes.

District Administrators easily access real-time, actionable data to increase system effectiveness and make continuous process improvement a reality.