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High Value for Teachers in All Settings

The On-Grade Institute empowers teachers working in all settings, using any pedagogy, to succeed in their jobs. The Institute's Student Achievement Model addresses critical needs that translate educator efficiency and effectiveness into improving student outcomes. The Model is implemented with the Institute's A·B·D technology system.

Teachers are strapped for time.

The Institute's system offers efficiencies in both instruction preparation and classroom learning management. And using our professional networking, peers can offer each other preferred teaching materials and best practice support.

Teachers work in schools that are producing unacceptable (40-43%) college and career readiness outcomes.

The Institute's system offers full realization of research-identified learning factors with high effect size to enable significant student achievement improvement. The factors include curriculum alignment, opportunity to learn, and prior knowledge.

Teachers work in isolated classrooms.

The Institute's system provides a professional social networking community complete with groups for sharing, collaborating, supporting and being supported. The network promotes peer to peer interaction on terms chosen and useful to its members.

Teachers need tools with low barriers to use.

The Institute's system offers intuitive user screens and rapid use features to immediately support teachers with incremental options. These options allow educators to use the higher level functions at their own pace. Begin by loading your current materials into the system as a starting point.

Teachers’ jobs are at stake with new accountability measures.

The Institute's system offers tools to improve student outcomes. Student success leads to teacher success and satisfying policy requirements. The system is highly compatible with general school policies and should not require approval for use.

Teachers need to keep students working at their full potential.

The Institute's system helps to motivate students by making learning objectives understandable and illuminating progress with directly actionable reports. The system supports development of gap closure plans that are easily customizable for individual students.

Listen to what one teacher has to say.

Greg is a high school English language arts (ELA) teacher. He wouldn't want any other job. Listen to his candid comments on the Institute's A·B·D technology system in the video clips published here.