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Teacher-Added Materials Enrich Technology Tools

The Institute's initial A·B·D system library content will include standards, assessment items, frameworks and guides. The libraries will grow organically though teachers sharing their peer-rated materials and licensed 3rd party content.

The On-Grade Institute will launch operations with the A·B·D system libraries seeded with publically available materials to make initial users productive quickly. After launch, the information libraries will grow with shared materials from educators that are verified by educators. Education practitioners are a critical enzyme to fuel the growth and success of the Institute.

The seed materials will include state standards including the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and objectives derived from those standards. They will be organized in the hierarchical taxonomy from the Survey of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) project of the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and supported by the University of Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER).  This is the taxonomy widely used successfully for alignment analysis. The libraries will also include released standardized test items that will be reverse engineered to determine knowledge and skill proficiencies. The test items will be linked to the content and be available for creating classroom assessments.

From the initial seed content to full maturity, we envision three logical stages in the growth of the Institute's library, as illustrated on the right and as described below. All stages support implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Competency Based Learning (CBL).

Stage 1 – Grassroots CCSS & CBL Implementation Augmentation: The Institute will launch with seed content for immediate usefulness.

Stage 2 – CCSS & CBL Implementation Maturity & Sustainment: As the user base grows, system libraries will grow as teachers voluntarily add content to help their peers and raise the quality of practice.

Stage 3 – Global Education Resources & Support: In the third stage, the libraries will have quality materials to cover all grades and subjects – all linked to content. This stage offers global opportunities to provide sustainable support to underserved populations at very low cost.